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GEOCHRON - Boardroom - Hickory Finish

  • Boardroom model, Hickory Finish, Silver trim, 12 hour time band
  • Boardroom model, Hickory Finish, Silver trim, 12 hour time band
  • Boardroom model, Hickory Finish, Silver trim, 12 hour time band
  • Map detail - the Analemma
  • Boardroom model, Hickory Finish, Silver trim, 12 hour time band
  • Minute indicator dial
  • The Geochron in the Office
Boardroom Model-Hickory
20.00 KGS
Custom-made in the type of finish you require. Please email or call us for a free freight quote.
$470.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

With one quick glance, the Geochron tells you the current time, day, date, season and position of the sun anywhere in the world, making it the only instrument of its kind. This handmade, precision-engineered timepiece communicates important and constantly-changing information to us about our world - information not available from any other single source. Physically the Geochron looks just like an illuminated, framed world map.

The Time

The colourful map itself is an endless belt, driven slowly from left to right by an electric clock motor in synch with the earth's rotation. It delineates not only all 24 "standard" time zone boundaries, but also the time deviation in a further 16 "non-standard" time zones - 40 time zones in total ! A minute analog dial in the top right hand corner of the machine allows for more accurate time-keeping, as it displays the exact minute after the hour and runs in unison with the map.

The Date and Day

Reading the date and day of the week anywhere in the world is to easy with the Geochron. Since the map is moving from left to right, the International Dateline crosses the map frame once each day. The days, date and month observed on either side of the Dateline are each displayed via indicators mounted at the bottom of the Geochron machine.

Sunrise, Sunset and the Seasons

Where the sun is shining at any given moment is displayed via the illuminated pattern on the Geochron world map. The left edge of this pattern marks the moment of sunrise, while the right marks sunset. This sunrise and sunset pattern changes continually, as the seasons progress throughout the year. (For the trivia buffs out there, this feature of the Geochron also displays the winter solstice, summer solstice, and the autumn and spring equinoxes each year.) As a result of its simultaneous, horizontal, and vertical movement, a sun button describes a 'figure-eight' pattern, crossing the "mean noon" four times. This pattern is called the "analemma." This sunlight distribution pattern changes perpetually, as days and seasons progress.


The best part is that your Geochron will be custom-designed to suit your needs.

You just need to choose:

The Model - Original Kilburg or The Boardroom

The functionality of both models is exactly the same. The map runs the same, the seasons change the same - the major difference is the available finishes.
The Original Kilburg is available in seven Vinyl Laminate finishes or several metallic upgrades of stainless steel, powdercoats and wood veneers.
The Boardroom model features a natural wooden finish with timber molding around the front panel (as opposed to a flat edge). This adds to the overall size of the Boardroom model and presents a more impressive style.

The Finish

The front panel of the Boardroom model comes in a choice of five natural wood veneers meticulously crafted by an accomplished custom cabinet maker.  While we always use the same process and finishes, wood colors naturally vary.  Cherry and Mahogany woods naturally darken with age, particularly with UV exposure.  This is part of the charm and beauty of real wood.

The available wood veneers for the Boardroom model are: Honey Oak, Black Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Hickory (pictured).

The Trim colour

This may be either black, gold or silver.

The Time Band

Along the top of the map, you can choose between a 12 or 24 hour time band.

The Mount

The Geochron map frame can be mounted flush or proud of your wall. To help accent the overall look, the Boardroom model is designed to be flush-mounted. With a flush mounted unit, only the front panel is shown on the outside of the wall as the depth of the unit is cradled inside the wall. Both the standard hanger and the flush-mounted kit are included with the Boardroom model.


All machines are hand-made in our American factory and will be wired for a 220V/50HZ Australian power supply with a standard Australian 3-pin plug.

As the Sydney Clock Company is the sole sales and repair agent for Geochron in Australia and New Zealand, we can give you the best price, service and advice.

For more details on the Geochron, please take a look at the Operating Instructions on our product pages.

Product Videos

The GeoChron (02:37)
This is an episode shot and edited by Jeff Holden, with music by Joseph Bautista. We liked the light when we were setting up the clock, so we decided to film it. More at http://holdenbrothers.com
  • The GeoChron
    This is an episode shot and edited by Jeff Holden, with music ...

Product Videos

Warranty Information

12 months manufacturer's warranty from invoice purchase date

Other Details

Power source:
220V, 50Hz standard Australian 3-pin plug