Floor Clocks

Our range of elegant pendulum floor clocks are all fitted with quality German Hermle 4/4 chime movements and feature solid brass and brass-plated components throughout.

The brass weights drop towards the floor over a week and then require "winding" by pulling on the chains and raising the weights to the top.

While our HB & Sons grandmother clockcase has been made from solid hardwood here in Australia, the other grandfather wooden clockcases in our range have been crafted by the German clockmakers of Hermle in the Black Forest. 

These high quality clocks have been designed with 3 extra attributes to make time-keeping an uncomplicated joy for you.

Many of them have an automatic night shut off of chimes, where the last chime sounds at 10pm and doesn't sound again until 7am.

Should the clock run itself down (if you forget to wind it etc), then the automatic chime synchonisation feature ensures that the clock chimes will correct themselves by the following hour.

The third feature is the beat adjustment, which ensures a smooth 'tick tock', regardless of whether you accidentally throw the pendulum out or not. 

These high quality floor clocks have been crafted to bring back that yester-year atmosphere to your home, while allowing you to enjoy the functionality of today's polished workmanship. 

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