HUGE Digital Event Count Down Timer with 10cm high LED's!

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SCC ETCD140 Event Timer
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Digit Height:
Up to 100 feet
Power source:
Mains Power
Unit Height:
Unit Length:
Unit Depth:
Operating Temperature:
-32F to +120F

This fantastic timer can be set to count down to any event. With a range of 9999 days the timer shows days,hours, minutes and seconds.

The graphic of your design can be printed and easily placed behind the perspex sheet at the top.

It is simply set via the included battery operated IR remote controll.  

With 4 inch (10cm )high red LED numbers it is visible over 100 feet (30 metres). 

The unit has a 10 year, lithium backup battery.

This means it will maintain the correct time in the event of a power loss. (NB: if power is lost the display will go off and the time will be kept by the backup battery. When the power is restored, the red LED display will come back on.)

This timer can also have a tripod bracket added if you prefer a free standing unit. Optional heavy duty tripod is $199.00 inc GST. 

Perfect for the count down to any event!

This is a commercial quality unit built in the USA by BRG Precision Products.

Digit Height:100mm
Visibility:Up to 100 feet
Power source:Mains Power
Unit Height:380mm
Unit Length:1020mm
Unit Depth:57mm
Operating Temperature:-32F to +120F
These clocks are made to order by BRG Precision in the USA. Please allow 4 weeks delivery lead time from order.








12 Month Factory Warranty from invoice date.