Cuckoo Clocks - "Love them or hate them"

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Traditional Hand made cuckoo clocks have been produced for over 300 years in the Black Forest of Germany.

Today you can find a large range of traditional styles with hand carved cases and cuckoo birds.

Every hour the cuckoo comes out of the door, dips his tail and signals the hour.

Many clocks also have a music box with dancing figures and moving people.

Love them or hate them, there is a cuckoo clock for every taste.

Traditional carved, hand painted, modern, even with glittering rhinestones!

My favorite cuckoo is currently made by Rombach and Haas. 

We call it "stripey' as it is red with pine timber stripes, a hand carved wooden cuckoo , and an unusual door that opens "UP" instead of "OUT". 

Have a look at my YouTube video of the cuckoo....very cool!

We will have these back in stock early 2018:

Modern Cuckoo ClockCuckoo Clock Bird

Rombach & Haas Cuckoo Clocks

If you would like to learn more about the history of cuckoo clocks and Rombach & Haas, have a look at their YouTube video:

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Cuckoo Clock Repairs

Clock repairs and resortations by Matthew Munn

Do you have a cuckoo clock that needs to be repaired or restored? 

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