Digital Wall Clocks

We have two styles of large digital clocks for you to choose from.

The traditional LED clock with numerals comes from the Jadco range and can be mounted to the wall or used as a table or desk clock. 

Its bright LED digital display ensures clear visibility at a distance of 50m.

The time can be seen by day or night, making the clock a perfect choice for venues with low level lighting or for 'open plan' homes and offices.

It also features an alarm setting and the time can be adjusted with the convenience of a remote control.

Our other style of digital clock is a fabulous alternative, if you are looking for something a little different.

The unique "Light up Word" wall clock is guaranteed to catch everyone's eye with its novel approach to telling the time. Instead of using numbers, the clock uses words to give you the time. 

These wall clocks are handmade in Australia individually, so each one has its own special differences, setting them apart from a market full of 'mass-produced' clocks. They are powered using the standard Australian powerpoint. 

The LED word display can be seen by day or night and the time is very easy to set using the included instructions. 

Wherever this clock is placed, it will create a talking point for all of your visitors and clients.