Cuckoo Clocks

All of our cuckoo clocks are produced in the German Black Forest, where this famous style of clock was 'invented' in the 17th century.

The traditional cuckoo clocks are carved out of solid wood in the shape of a "chalet" and are decorated with leaves and animals. The solid wood varies in colour from 'blonde' to the richer brown shades.

We have selected a range of quality cuckoo clocks, including the classic clock with a carved bird at the top, as well as the more elaborate musical cuckoo clock with a deer head carving, dancing figurines and a music box.

Each clock has a quality German 'Regula' mechanical movement, requiring the weights to be pulled up either every one-day (30-hour) or every eight-days.

On each half-hour and hour, the cuckoo bird emerges from its door with a 'cuck-oo' call - the sound made by two traditional mechanical bellows.

The clockfaces are traditionally small but 'easy to read' with white hands and Roman numerals.

The cuckoo bird heralds each half-hour and hour and the clock also operates with a 8-day Regula mechanical movement. In addition there is an simple on/off switch to silence the cuckoo at night.

All of our cuckoo clocks come with simple installation and operating instructions.

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