Useful Information


  • A summary of the different types of clock movements:
  • Mechanical  - wound up by hand each day or week
  • Quartz – battery operated and run by a quartz crystal
  • Master and Slave – A clock that is wired to a master box which also has a back-up battery. 
  • Striking mechanical – strikes once on the half hour and ‘8’ times at 8 o’clock.
  • Chiming – chimes on 4 notes every quarter hour, usually Westminster chime.
  • Mechanical triple chime – you can select from 3 types of chime; Westminster, Whittington or St Michaels. 
  • How do you regulate a clock ?

All mechanical clocks require regulation from time to time. 

If your clock has a pendulum, lengthening this pendulum will make the clock run slower; shortening the pendulum will make it run faster. There are many different types of clocks. If you are unsure about your clock, please give us a call and we can give you some advice.

  • Can I overwind my clock ?

Most clocks are designed to be fully wound. However it is best to stop a little short of a full wind.  This may avoid a broken spring.

  • Can I book a house call for my clock ?

Absolutely ! House calls are charged at A$ 150 + GST per hour. This includes travelling time to and from your house. Please give us a call for a cost estimate.