Weather Stations & Instruments

Weather stations are precision instruments used to accurately indicate three different aspects of the weather -  barometric air pressure (barometer), temperature (thermometer) and the moisture and humidity in the air (hygrometer).

Our weather stations are an ideal gift for weather enthusiasts or anyone who needs to control the weather in a special environment e.g. a wine buff with a cellar, gardeners with a greenhouse etc.

They also make an excellent presentation gift to a retiring employee or club member. Each of the weather stations and instruments are compact and designed for indoor use only.

Currently we offer a range of barometer/thermometer combinations – all with mechanical movements and set in either solid brass or chrome cases.

The Sputnik range of weather stations is well-known for its quality German movements and its ‘space age’ display. These instruments show the barometric pressure, temperature in Celsius and the relative humidity. The Sputnik weather stations are finished in either solid brass or chrome and are protected by a Plexiglass dome. Although they don’t contain the technical information of a digital weather station, they will look spectacular on display in either your home or office.

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