Rombach & Haas Black Forest "Stripey" Cuckoo.

Rombach & Haas
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8 Day Regula - weekly winding.

Rhombach & Haas have been producing clocks in the Black Forest, Germany for over 100 years.

This hand built, "stripey" modern cuckoo clock has an 8 day Regula movement featuring an easy to use ON/OFF switch underneath the case.

The carved wooden cuckoo signals the hours and also comes out once on the half hour.

Romba® Cuckoo clocks by Rombach and Haas 

Rombach & Haas Clocks is one of the few companies still offering cuckoo clocks,hand-painted shield clocks and antique reproductions. In this way, Romba Clocks keeps the first two clock generations of Black Forest clock history alive.

By no means does this mean that the factory lives in the past: Like no other, they have influenced and changed the appearance of the Black Forest clock in the past decade. In 2005 Rombach & Haas introduced the first modern cuckoo clocks. Since then, numerous additional modern models have followed, making the Black Forest clock tradition accessible to a younger audience as well.


A beautiful modern clock that is perfect for any home or office.


As with all Sydney Clock Company products, this clock is covered with a 12 month warranty from the invoice purchase date.

Please view our videos which show this clock working and also learn about the manufacturer - Rhomback & Haas.

12 months manufacturer's warranty from invoice purchase date