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World Clocks

Our selection of modern world time clocks are all fitted with quality Quartz movements, ensuring reliability and accurate time-keeping - essential for this global environment we live in.

The compact world time desk clocks by the Swiss clockmakers, Jaccard, feature polished solid marble bases with a map dial allowing you to select your preferred time zones.

Ideal as a gift for any retirement, student graduation or Father's Day, you can't go wrong with one of these refined world time desk clocks.  

Also on offer are our sturdy 228mm world time clocks, made in Australia and designed exclusively by us, The Sydney Clock Company. These world time clocks are custom-made with a professional powdercoat finish using Dulux colours and come in two styles. 

The most simplistic of the two comes with white or black hands and white time dots.

The second style has an additional central dial disc, which can be currently ordered in three colours, silver, black and white.

The great thing about both styles of our world time clocks is that they can be personalised with your favourite global destinations, so that you can keep in touch with overseas friends and relatives. 

These clocks can be purchased individually or as a set, making them ideal as a wedding or birthday gift.

They are also suitable as interior decor for any family's kitchen or living room, or in a business setting for travel companies and international corporations.