BRG Programmable Time Zone Displays 2-8 Zones made to order.

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BRG Programmable Time Zone Displays
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BRG Time Zone Clocks are accurate for life without the need for manual or external time updates.  A GUI touch screen IR remote control is available to ease configuration.

BRG programmable location LED digital world time zone displays feature either 10 or 20 character alpha-numeric LED displays that can be programmed independently from the Time Zone. This is ideal if you want to change zones. It also provides an easier to read display from a distance.   Also, more zones may be displayed than physically available by page flipping to another set of zones – example a 5 zone display can actually display up to 20 zones

  • All zones are precisely synchronized with one another.
  • Supports Page Flipping to display more zones than physical zone positions available.
  • Dynamic digital lettering can include fixed titles and/or date, day, day of the year, etc.
  • Factory synchronized with the U.S. Atomic Clock.
  • Accurate for Life – no manual adjustments are required for the life of the display, no sync wires, no radios, no problems.
  • Models with digital zone labels can page flip to display more zones than physically available.
  • Time and configuration are maintained during shipping and power outages
  • Operating Voltage: 90-265 volts AC.
  • Many control, sync methods, power and color options are available
  • Infrared remote control included (RF remote optional)
  • All machines are hand-made in our American factory and will be wired for a 220V/50HZ Australian power supply with a standard Australian 3-pin plug.


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