New clocks added to the BRG Precision Products range!

The Sydney Clock Company is proud to be the Australian agent for BRG Precision Products.

BRG have a huge range (over 1300 models) of clocks that they manufacture in Wichita KS, USA.

Everything from stand alone multi zone world time clocks to wireless digital and analogue systems. These can be  controlled by a master controller or a NTP time server. Their latest product releases have been developed over several years. 

They now have a two time zone clock, that can be made with your choice of zone. Either a fixed zone or, a Dot Matrix zone name you can alter yourself.

These clock require 240V power and will keep time to within +/- 1 sec in 20 years!

DST changes are automatic so you never have to reset them!

BRG have also developed a range of wireless clocks that are controlled by a time server using your home WiFi network. These can be used for small systems that do not justify the expense of a master controller.

BRG's 4.0" Precision Digital Clocks

All analogue clocks are battery operated with a battery life of up to 10 years!

BRG offer a huge range which can be viewed at

If there is any item in the BRG range that you are interested in, please contact us on 02 4861 7265 or [email protected]

We will be happy to identify the best available options and supply you with a free written quote including delivery to you via DHL.

Most items can be manufactured and delivered within 2-4 weeks of your order.