SCC05 Outdoor Clock - Now available as a wired clock that plugs into a standard power outlet.

The SCC 540mm outdoor clock. Now in a wired version!

The SCC 540mm diameter outdoor clock has been developed and improved upon over the last 15 years.

We can now off the SCC05 Outdoor Clock in a wired version with 20 metres of cable.

Plugs into a standard powerb outlet!

It is made in Australia by us and is as tough as we can possibly make it.

If you are after a big clock that you can leave out in full weather 365 days a year - this is it!

It has 6mm thick acrylic in the front, zinc coated steel case and an ABS two piece box with SS screws to protect the hi torque quartz battery movement.

It is supplied with stainless steel locking screws for added security.

We can custom make it with a lithium battery (areas which the temp falls below 0C) or with LED lighting. We can also add a logo or emblem to the dial if you wish.

This tough clock is used in everything from swim centres to school playgrounds, Nordic shelters to offices.