Mantel Clocks

Our selection of mantel clocks have been designed by the German master craftsmen of “Hermle” clocks.

All mantel or shelf clocks were originally developed in France in the 1750's as a small house clock to be placed on a mantelpiece or shelf over the fireplace. They are different from other chamber clocks in that they do not usually have any handles and their movement is always supported by a seat board (rather than a back board as with wall clocks). 

With our beautiful chiming mantel clocks, you can see one of the more traditional mantel clock designs with their fine wooden cases reminiscent of 'Napoleon's hat'. Another style is the 'bracket' mantel clock with its melodious 4/4 chime and the elegant etched dials, sometimes with a moon phase wheel.

Our 'skeleton' mantel clocks are regarded as a showcase design with their inner mechanical workings on display. The gears, wheels and springs of the movement are visible and exhibit how these elegant clocks tick through the day - perfect for the mechanics enthusiast .

The dial on the skeleton clocks is also unique in that it is either on the bell glass itself covering the clock workings or the hour markings are merely placed on a ring and detract slightly from the visible mechanics.

As a Hermle sales and service agent, we can offer you the best advice on these high quality time-pieces - whether it is for a traditional 4/4 chiming or single strike mantel clock, or for the superb skeleton clock.

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